Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Location:  Zoom Video Conference

President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Jane Alred, Bonnie Brooks, James Bryant, Errol Daniels, Susan Haag, Angela Harris, Dennis Harrison, Franz Lerch, Todd O’Donnell, Ty Payne, Larry Roberts, Paul Smith, Douglas Tillett, Jim Van Cleave. Directors Nicole Andress, Christy Astorga, Larry Sassa, and Stuart Toomey were absent. Guest in Attendance: Will Dunlap (JTC Half Marathon pace leader)

Approval of 9/7/21 (September meeting) minutes: On a motion by Douglas Tillett and seconded by Todd O’Donnell, the September board meeting minutes were approved by the board.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bonnie Brooks mentioned that it was a rough month for our TD Ameritrade account as there were small loses in both accounts, however our total assets totaled $642K. She reported and detailed our financials for September. She reported the club’s financials and discussed in detail the Balance Sheet through October 3, 2021, and the Profit and Loss Detail Statement for September. Bonnie discussed in detail main line items including income from memberships and the half marathon training class as well as expenses for Bolles training sessions, club promotions, race team entries, newsletter, and race expenses for Emerald Trail. Bonnie also mentioned that Smoak Davis is currently handling our Form 990.


Study of Stopping the Print Version of the Newsletter – Larry Roberts reported that Larry Sassa was absent due to a medical issue, however, he would report more analysis of the survey results at our next board meeting.


2022 Track Series – Douglas Tillett reported that he was in the process of talking with Kaitlyn King to develop a schedule for next year will have more information to report at our next board meeting.


Bolles Wednesday Workouts – Paul Smith reported that the turnout recently has been much bigger with the assistance of The Distance Project and their members have been in attendance in both morning and evening sessions. He stated that they recently performed a time trail, which the runners thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from.

Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run (August 28th) – Larry Roberts asked if Doug Alred had the final financials from the event, which Doug replied stating that he would have the final report next month at our meeting.

Vystar Emerald Trail 5K (October 23rd) – Larry Roberts said that there were currently 179 entries for the race. He also mentioned that he and Doug Alred were scheduled for a meeting with the school tomorrow. He encouraged board members if they were not running or walking in the race to please come out to volunteer at the JTC booth. Paul Smith stated he would be running and would also help with the booth.

Guana Trail Race (December 5th) – Franz Lerch reported that everything is moving forward with the planning and implementing of the race. Currently we have 100 runners registered. The hats and shirts have already been ordered. The race afterparty at the Reef is currently scheduled. going well with the planning and organizing of the event. He displayed a hat that had arrived last week.

The Last Gasp (December 26th) – Larry Roberts reported the race will be on the day after Christmas at 2pm at Jacksonville University. There is a new crew of people at JU, of which we have been in contact with. Registration for the race is currently open and the price is $9.

Go GREEN Winter Beach Run 5 Mile (January 30, 2022) – No Report.

Gate River Run – Doug Alred reported that there are currently 1,200 entries already. The sponsors are back from last year. Currently the Jaguars are doing construction and building their practice field. The Jacksonville Fairgrounds is selling and moving out. He met with Jim Van Cleave to set up the host hotel as they plan to move forward. A question was presented regarding if there was going to be an afterparty after the race, which Jane Alred replied saying that she hoped there will be. Jim Van Cleave mentioned that it is too early to discuss the elite athletes as the requests don’t usually start to come in until after Thanksgiving and December. Doug mentioned that the start line will be staying at Duval Street and the race would be returning to max capacity for runners. He also mentioned that he was not sure if we’d offer the virtual race option next year.

Finance – Bonnie Brooks reported there was a donation request submitted by Jax Area Legal Aid for the JTC archway and tents for their November 20th event. On a motion presented by Bonnie, seconded by Douglas Tillett, to approve the Jax Area Legal Aid request was passed by the board. Based on the recommendation of the Finance Committee Bonnie presented a motion to accept TLK Communication’s Gate proposal for $4K for club marketing and advertising, which was seconded by Todd O’Donnell. Todd spoke in detail to discuss the reasons why he and the Finance Committee supported the proposal. The TLK Committee Gate proposal was passed by the board.

Website Revamp – Errol Daniels reported the JTC Running website is currently live. He stated that there are still currently some kinks to work out regarding links and other information on the website. As we are still working to get the most updated and accurate website, we are still working with Gifted Owl and have not submitted the final payment. The board was asked to review the website to make recommendations prior to us paying the bill in full. A detailed discussion was had regarding the use of the club’s existing phone number, which is currently housed and monitored by previous long standing board member Lamar Strother. Debate whether if the phone was still necessary or if we should get rid of the line was decided by Franz Lerch volunteering to take over monitoring the line until further notice.

Community & Public Relations

Communications: Social Media/Newsletter – Larry Roberts reported that newsletter has been mailed out and should be arriving in mailboxes very soon.

Membership – Larry Roberts reported that membership was at 893 households, which was up 2 from last month.

Classes & Clinics – Jane Alred reported she would plan our Christmas Social, for December 4th if that’s what we wanted to do. The social would be the day before the Guana races.

Vision & Planning – No Report.

NEXT MEETING – The next board meeting will be Tuesday, November 2nd, at 6:30 pm via Zoom Video Conference.

The October meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm.