JTC Running Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 2023

by | May 9, 2023 | Board Meeting Minutes

JTC Running Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2023

Location: Zoom Video Conference

President Douglas Tillett called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Jane Alred, Nicole Andress, Bonnie Brooks, James Bryant, Amiee Cords, Errol Daniels, David Farraday, Dennis Harrison, Robert Jones, Amy Kisz, Franz Lerch, Sean McCormack, Todd O’Donnell, Jeff Palmer, Larry Roberts, Larry Sassa, Jeremy Smith, Paul Smith, Douglas Tillett, Stuart Toomey, Jim Van Cleave, and Marilyn Young. Christy Astorga was absent.

Approval of March (3/7/2023) meeting minutes: On a motion presented by Todd O’Donnell and seconded by Franz Lerch, the March minutes were passed and approved by the board.

Board Member Changes:

Doug Tillett announced that Will Dunlap resigned from the board effective 3/31/2023. He also announced that Errol Daniels was resigning from the position of Secretary, effective immediately. President Tillett said board member Jeff Palmer was willing to take on the role. Franz Lerch nominated Jeff for the position of Secretary.  The board unanimously approved the nomination.

Treasurer’s Report: Amiee Cords reported the club’s financials and discussed in detail the Balance Sheet through March 31,2023 and the Profit and Loss Detail Statement for February. She reported the club’s current bank balances in our accounts. She discussed in detail various line items including income earned and expenses.

Old Business:

2023 Track Series – Bob Jones has volunteered to run the three track meets. The dates are May 6, June 3, and July 1. Registration should be available this week. Bob needs 15 -17 volunteers to help with each track meet.

Intellectual Property Case – Larry Roberts reported that our attorney has received no response from the firm that had contacted JTC Running about the unauthorized use of photos.

SORBA Sunbeam Trail Project – JTC Running has received a funding request to help with construction costs. The board will vote on the funding proposal at next month’s board meeting. Before then members are encouraged to visit the site. Doug Alred will arrange the meeting, tentatively scheduled for April 10th at 4:30.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counter, Fuller Warren Shared Use Path – The dedication of the Path is Thursday, April 6, at 11 am. Larry Roberts said there is interest in placing an Eco Counter on the path. Cost estimates will be prepared once a decision is made about the best place to install the Eco Counter.

GRR/JTCR Round Table on Volunteers – Board members are invited to participate in a Zoom discussion on Thursday, April 6 at 6 pm about recruiting volunteers for positions of authority at future Gate River Runs.

New Business:

Global Running Day in Support of Marathon High, June 7. Location: 1st Place Sports, Baymeadows @ 6:00 pm. Food and beverages will be available after the run through Tomahawk Park. Volunteers are needed; contact Nicole Andress.

5K Training Class aimed at Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run – Nicole Andress said the idea was to prepare people who want to get into running or back into running. Once a coach is identified advertising for the class can start.

Summer Running Camp Scholarships – Doug Alred reported that applications for summer running camp scholarships are now available. The club budgets for 37 ½ scholarships.


RRCA Annual Convention, March 23-28, Chicago – President Doug Tillett reported that he attended the Road Runners Club Convention. He found the sessions interesting and participated in a race during the convention. Next year’s convention will be in Costa Mesa California, May 2 – 5, 2024.

Bolles Wednesday Training Sessions – James Bryant reported that turnout remains strong in both the morning and evening sessions. Participants provide positive comments about the workouts. There is a need for a consistent safe place for track training on a regular basis.

Guana Trail Races – Franz Lerch is still trying to arrange a meeting with the Guana Trail Club president to present her with a donation from JTC Running.

Winter Beach Run January 21, 2023 – Doug Alred reported that there was a significant increase in registrations for the 10-mile run. The profit from the race was the largest in six years.

Gate River Run March 4, 2023 – Doug Alred reported that the race was a success and had strong sponsorship. A new 5-year contract has been signed for Gate to continue as the primary sponsor.  Jim Van Cleave reported that he is working on 2024 hotel accommodations for the elite athletes.

Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run August 19, 2023 – Doug Alred reported that registration will open this month.

Emerald Trail 5K/10K, Sept 30, 2023 – Planning has not begun.

Finance – Amiee Cords reported that Bartram Trail High School requested financial assistance to cover the cost of two track meets. JTC Running will donate $500 for each event. Funds are budgeted for high school events, although not all area high schools request money. Amiee also reported now that the first milestone of completing the thirty interviews has been met, JTC Running will make a second payment for the Running Biomechanics Project. The $2,500 payment will support the summer intern as she writes a project paper.

Community and Public Relations – no report

Communications – Doug Tillett reported that the next issue of the newsletter will be released shortly.

Membership – Nicole Andress reported that membership is currently 982.M

Classes, Clinics, Socials – It was decided that there will be no awards banquet this year.

Vision & Planning – No report

Next Meeting – The next board meeting will be Tuesday, May 2, 2023, via Zoom.

Minutes submitted by Jeff Palmer, Secretary


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