About JTC Running

JTC Running was founded in October 1975 as the Jacksonville Track Club, JTC Running is Northeast Florida’s preeminent promoter of healthy lifestyles through running, fitness, and fellowship.  JTC Running is the creator and operator of the Gate River Run, which since 1978 has been one of the leading road races in the country. Its four different events encompass over 10,000 national and world class athletes, fitness runners, wheelchair athletes, walkers, and children.

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Our Events & Social Club

JTC Running also conducts:

— the 5-mile Tijuana Flats’ Summer Beach Run, Florida’s oldest race, usually in August;
— the often-grueling 5-mile & 10-mile Winter Beach Run;
— the Last Gasp cross-country race in December;
— the Guana River 50 km Trail Run;
— and a series of four or five free or nominally priced track meets for competitors of all ages and abilities in the spring and summer.

As a long time member of USA Track & Field (USATF) and the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), JTC Running keeps involved in the national running scene and has hosted national championship events for both organizations. We hosted the 1982 RRCA Annual Convention and assisted at the 2005 USATF Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

But JTC Running is more than races and conventions. It is a social club, with several annual gala events in addition to parties after most of its races: The annual Awards Banquet in late spring, honoring leading JTCR members, volunteers, and noteworthy high school/college athletes and coaches, is very reasonably priced for JTCR members and guests.

Supporting the Community

As a promoter of the next generations of runners, JTC Running supports high school track and cross-country programs and awards scholarships that enable many high school athletes to attend running camp each summer. The  Junior River Run training program encourages youngsters to run 8 miles in the weeks leading up to the day of the Gate River Run and culminates with a 1.3-mile loop around Everbank Stadium.

In another community service effort, JTCRunning frequently collects used running shoes which are donated to local homeless shelters.

Why JTC Running?

JTC Running provides Jacksonville runners with a community of people that come together for a common passion. In addition to our events, we also have social gatherings, community service programs as well as training classes and clinics. Our bi-monthly newsletter will keep you informed about the latest club announcements, events and running information. We look forward to running with you!

Our Contact Information

US Mail

The JTC Running  mailing address is:  PO Box 24667,  Jacksonville FL, 32241 and is located at the postal facility on Sunbeam Road.  Our non-profit bulk mailing permit allows reduced rates on mailings of 200 or more identical pieces.  Members should update mailing address changes with the membership chairman and/or the secretary ASAP.


The JTC Running phone number is (904) 384-8725 and is equipped with recorded updates of club activities and an answering machine.


The JTC Running e-mail address is [email protected].


JTC Running owns over $10,000 worth of equipment and supplies that are stored at our warehouse (Mandarin Mini Storage) and at the Alred and Strother homes.


The bulk of our income is derived from race entry fees, sponsorships, membership dues, donations, dividends, and interest.
JTC Running has regularly contributed funds to deserving individuals, local collegiate running programs, and large high school invitational meets.  School teams and organizations are able to receive funds by working at JTC Running’s races.


Membership in JTC Running  is contingent upon our receipt of a membership application/renewal and appropriate dues.  Current membership categories are for individuals or families.


JTC Running joined the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) in 1979 and JTC delegates have attended every RRCA national convention since then except for 1990 and 2006.  The RRCA, founded in 1958, is a confederation of running clubs that disseminates information, approaches running concerns on a national basis, publishes the quarterly Footnotes magazine, and provides club liability insurance.

JTC Running  is also a member of USA Track & Field – the national governing body of running and walking sports.  Through USATF, we obtain practice insurance, race course certification, and sanctioning for our championship events. JTC Running delegates regularly attend USATF-Florida Association and National meetings.

Club History

JTC Running was founded and organized at the Yates YMCA on Riverside Avenue on October 28, 1975, as a result of interest expressed by area runners at the Bold City Run earlier that month.  The club was founded as “The Jacksonville Track Club” and the founding members were:

Rodney Smith      Doug McElhinney     Jack Bailey     Tom Skordas
Pam Peterson      Cheyney Wells         John Geren    Jay Birmingham
Harris Stebbins    Lamar Strother        John TenBroeck

Soon after the founding, Saturday fun runs were initiated at the South Campus of Florida Junior College {now FCCJ (Fl Community College Jax), which is now FSCJ (Fl State College Jax)}.  By January 1976, club membership had reached 39 members.

Our first sponsored race was the Winter Beach Run in February 1976.  The Mile Festival was first run at Craig Field in April 1976. That summer, the JTC assumed the management of the Summer Beach Run from the Jacksonville Rugby Club.  The River Run 15000 (now the Gate River Run) made its debut in March 1978.

The Last Gasp was founded in 1977, the Women’s Run (now CASH in the Spring) in 1978, and the Ginger Fannin Couples Relay in 1985.  The Summer Track Series debuted in 1979.  The Ravines Run first appeared in the early 1980’s and then resumed in 2001. The Guana River 50 km Trail Run & Relay began in 2002.

In February 2007, The Jacksonville Track Club became JTCRunning.

Legal Aspects

JTC Running was incorporated in Florida on December 31, 1975.  By-laws, approved shortly thereafter, were amended occasionally over the next twenty years.  In February 1997, a complete by-laws revision was approved by the Board of Directors.  In March 1977, a policy was approved that limited the number of board meetings a director could miss and still retain his/her seat.

Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code exempts JTC Running from federal income tax.  The exemption is based on JTC Running’s  affiliation with the Road Runners Club of America.  However, the treasurer must file an annual report with IRS.  JTC Running is exempt from paying Florida sales taxes as of February 24, 2004.
To continue the benefits of our incorporation, the club files an annual report with Florida’s Secretary of State.
JTC Running’s races are the legal property of the club.  That precept was established in a 1983 countersuit against several persons who tried to assume control of the River Run 15000.

Become a Volunteer or Donate Today

As a non-profit organization we rely heavily on our volunteers and on donations. If you’re interested in volunteering at an event or becoming a member of our board we invite you to contact us for more information.

Want to Join JTC Running?

Benefits include subscription to a bi-monthy newsletter, discounted entry fees, hospitality treatment at race events, local training runs, training classes, social events, clinics and discounts on merchandise.