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JTC Running is Northeast Florida’s preeminent promoter of healthy lifestyles through running, fitness, and fellowship.

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Club News

JTC Running Racing Team Pumpkin Run Results

Josue Velazquez · 1:03:40 George Barthelmes · 1:05:57 Haris Jusic · 1:08:47 Mark Gannon · 1:09:05 Gary Jones · 1:09:34 Christy Astorga · 1:11:44 Belissa Del Valle · 1:12:59 Hal Mcclure · 1:13:46 Murphy Nmezi · 1:18:08 Bruce Holmes · 1:20:48 Tara Showalter · 1:22:47...

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JTC Running Racing Team Wine and Chocolate 5K Run Results

        Josue Velazquez • 19:22 Mark Gannon • 19:55 George Barthelmes • 20:16 Belissa Del Valle • 20:35 Murphy Nmezi • 22:08 Ginger Brelsford • 23:54 Bruce Holmes • 24:10 Stephanie Griffith • 25:07 Tara Showalter • 25:11 Kathy Murray • 26:32 Kelly Cobb • 28:36 Leslie...

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 2021

JTC RUNNING BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING MINUTES Tuesday, September 7, 2021 Location:  Zoom Video Conference President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Jane Alred, Christy Astorga, Bonnie Brooks,...

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About JTC Running

JTC Running is the creator and operator of the Gate River Run, which since 1978 has been one of the leading road races in the country. Its four different events encompass over 10,000 national and world class athletes, fitness runners, wheelchair athletes, walkers, and children.

JTC Running also conducts:

— the 5-mile Tijuana Flats’ Summer Beach Run, Florida’s oldest race, usually in August;
— the often-grueling 5-mile & 10-mile Winter Beach Run;
— the Last Gasp cross-country race in December;
— the Guana River 50 km Trail Run;
— and a series of four or five free or nominally priced track meets for competitors of all ages and abilities in the spring and summer.

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