JTC Running Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 2017


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Location:  Mediterrania Restaurant; 3877 Baymeadows Road; Jacksonville, FL

President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Bonnie Brooks, Susan Haag, Angela Harris, Stan Lambert, Errol Daniels, Ty Payne, Larry Roberts, Larry Sassa, Jim Van Cleave, Connie Smith, Lamar Strother, Douglas Tillett, Stuart Toomey and Franz Lerch.  Directors Colleen Clarson, Todd O’Donnell , Michael DelCharco, and Jane Alred were absent. Special guest Richard Fannin in attendance.

Approval of 4/4/17 (April meeting) minutes: On a motion by Lamar Strother and seconded by Susan Haag, the April minutes taken on April 4 were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Bonnie Brooks distributed copies of the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Detail through April of 2017 and then explained all the line items.


 Tomahawk Park Picnic – Larry Roberts stated that an email reminder will be going out shortly to remind members of the upcoming celebration which will be held Sunday, May 21.

 USATF Run, Jump, and Throw Program – Director Angela Harris is the USATF Florida Association President and Youth Director.  The USATF Youth Program called Run, Jump, and Throw events are scheduled for May 22 (Ortega Elementary) and May 30 (Normandy). Angela is in need of 5-10 volunteers to staff the events.

 2017 Track Series Distance Carnival – Larry Roberts reported that we are currently have 82 participates signed up already.  Larry asked that each board member volunteer in at least one of the meets this year.  The date for our next track meet is scheduled for May 13 at 5pm. The dates for our remaining track meets are May 27, June 10, July 15 and July 29.

Car-Free Week, May 14 – 19 – Closing at Intuition Ale Works – President Larry Roberts, through his seat on the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council gave more specific information about the BPAC car-free week, which can also be found on the BPAC website. The award ceremony will be at Intuition Ale Works on Friday, May 19, at 6 PM and will recognize individuals who participated.

National Running Day for Marathon High (June 7) – We are doing this event this year, just as we have for the past two.  It will be at 1st Place Sports Baymeadows on Wednesday, June 7.  As at previous events, we will accept $10 from each participant as a donation to Marathon High and then the club will match it. We will also offer discounted memberships ($5 discount) at this event. Registration for this event is located on our website.

Awards Banquet – Larry Roberts reported that registration is open via the website for this year’s celebration. The awards banquet will be held Thursday, June 22 at Maggiano’s Restaurant.

Summer Running Camp Scholarships – Doug Alred reported that 46 applications have been submitted at this time.

Skinner Park Bridge – The finance committee will be meeting to discuss proposals.


Special Guest Presentation: Former board of director Richard Fannin made a presentation regarding his upcoming proposed cross-country meet. The meet will consist of an 18-year old and under, and a 19-year old and older division. Mr. Fannin wanted JTC to be an event sponsor by sponsoring $750 for timing. The race entry fees are tentatively slated to be $20 for non-JTC members and $10 for JTC club members.

USATF Master’s – The USATF Master’s championship (Open & Master’s) will be held on May 20 at UNF.


Gate River Run (3/11/17) – No Report.

Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run – (Sat, 8/26) – Race registration is now open and an email blast will be going out soon.

Race Committee and Track Meet Committee – No report.

JTC Running RACE TEAM – Larry said we had several team members run the Corporate Run race and the team is doing very well in terms of overall and age group placings.


COMMUNITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS – Larry Sassa reported that the there is a new Jacksonville Beach contact to deal with which will be more willing to discuss the water fountain project.

 FINANCE – No report. The next finance meeting to be held at 6pm on June 6 at Mediterrania Restaurant.

MEMBERSHIP – Larry Roberts reported membership is at 1,244 active members.

MERCHANDISE – No report. Connie Smith said that we will have merchandise for sale during the National Running Day event. Merchandise for sale will include shorts, short sleeve shirts, and hats.

NEWSLETTER – Deadline to make the monthly issue is 5/10.

 SOCIAL MEDIA – No Report.

SOCIAL & BANQUET – The Banquet to be held at Maggiano’s on Thursday, June 22 is currently open for registration on the website.

VISION & PLANNING – Doug Alred reported that Shad Khan’s group, along with other community groups, are planning an urban greenway for Jacksonville along Hogan’s Creek and McCoy’s Creek. Larry mentioned this effort is being called the Emerald Necklace.  We will be working with these groups on the planning of the greenway.  Doug noted that we have the attention of community and city leaders so if we can come up with ideas of places to run, we can champion those with the city.

NEXT MEETING – The next board meeting will be Tuesday, June 6 at 6:30 pm in the Mediterrania Restaurant.

The May meeting was adjourned at 7:26 pm.

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