JTC Running Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 2016

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016
Location: Mediterrania Restaurant; 3877 Baymeadows Road; Jacksonville, FL

President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:41 p.m. Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Jane Alred, Bonnie Brooks, Colleen Clarson, Errol Daniels, Michael DelCharco, Richard Fannin, Susan Haag, Angela Harris, Stan Lambert, Franz Lerch, Todd O’Donnell, Ty Payne, Larry Roberts, Larry Sassa, Lamar Strother, Douglas Tillett, and Stuart Toomey. Directors Connie Smith and Jim Van Cleave were absent.

Approval of 12/1/15 minutes: On a motion by Lamar Strother and seconded by Stuart Toomey, the December minutes were approved as submitted.

Election of 2016 Club Officers: President Larry Roberts relinquished the gavel to Douglas Tillett who asked the board for nominations for president. Larry Roberts was nominated. There were no other nominations. The vote was taken and Larry was unanimously reelected as president.
Larry Roberts returned to chairing the meeting and asked the board for nominations for vice president. Larry Sassa was nominated. There were no other nominations. The vote was taken and Larry Sassa was unanimously reelected as vice president.
Larry Roberts asked the board for nominations for secretary. Douglas Tillett was nominated and then Ty Payne was nominated as well but Ty declined. There were no other nominations. The vote was taken and Douglas Tillett was reelected secretary.
President Roberts has the unique duty of nominating the candidate for treasurer. He selected Bonnie Brooks. The board voted and Bonnie Brooks was confirmed as treasurer for 2016.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bonnie Brooks distributed copies of the Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss Detail Report for the month and reviewed both reports with the board. She said we will have a Budget vs. Actuals report for 2015 later, after all the checks clear.
Bonnie reminded everyone on the board that we need to report our “volunteer hours worked” to facilitate our tax preparation by SDN.


Club Website Update Maximized for Mobile Devices – Larry Roberts said that we are continuing to improve the website so it will look better when viewed on a mobile device.

Event Staffing for New Year, New Me Expo (1/9/16), Donna Expo and GRR Expo / Tent – Club members and officers should register their volunteer commitments online on the club website, especially board members.

JTC Running To Screen a Film During GRR Week – Richard Fannin had accepted responsibility to bring a proposal to the board for screening a movie during Gate River Run week like we did last year when we showed Transcend at the Sun-Ray Cinema, except we want more people in the seats this year than last. Richard promised a specific proposal suitable for a board vote by the next meeting in February.

Elite Runners at Jax Bank Half and at Gate River Run – Larry Roberts proclaimed a “bravo” to Richard Fannin for his successful work luring many fast athletes to Jacksonville for the Jax Bank Half. Richard forwarded the “bravo” on to Doug Alred, as Doug is the Race Director of the Jax Bank Half. Richard asked us to pay attention to the impressive show-up of excellent runners that we will have here, trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials.

Tomahawk Park Trail Project – Doug Alred has talked to The City regarding our proposal to donate $20K to renew the running trail in Tomahawk Park. The city has begun moving our proposal through the process.


No New Business on the Agenda – Even though no board action was required, Stuart Toomey offered a suggestion that the officers who want to roll off the Executive Committee should start talking about it in August or so, giving the board time to recruit and vet the best officer for that position for the next year.


Gate River Run (3/12/16) – Race Director Doug Alred reported that 6,000 entries had already been received which is good. The Finish Line has been moved back to the north side of the stadium because of construction on the south side of the stadium. He also reported that the expo layout has been improved. The carbo dinner will be outside this year. JTCR will “tag on” to the order for new banners being created by the GRR.

Guana Trail Races – Franz Lerch said our trail race has been noticed by the “ultra community.” He has heard and read a lot of positive feedback. Kudos to Mark Ryan who worked hard to make the race the outstanding ultra and trail event that it is.

The Last Gasp – (12/26/15) – Larry Roberts reported that we had 250 registered. We got 50 new members. The post-race party was good.

Winter Beach Run – (Sat, 23/16) – Race Director Doug Alred reminded us that the race will be run in two weeks. He reported that everything is set with the City of Jax Beach and that we will have a good post-race party in the Sea Walk Pavilion.

RACE COMMITTEE and TRACK MEET COMMITTEE – Doug Tillett reported on the track meet committee meeting held the previous week in Al’s Pizza at lunchtime. Coach Eric Frank was prepared with potential dates for our meets. The committee decided on five meets, starting with the Distance Carnival at Bolles and followed by two more meets at Bolles plus one at Creekside High and one at Bishop Snyder. The heptathlon / decathlon will be at the Creekside meet in June.

JTC Running RACE TEAM – The first half of the racing season is over. Some team members were dropped while others were added.

CLASSES & CLINICS – The Gate River Run Training Class begins Thursday at 1st Place Sports Town Center. We have 60 participants preregistered so far.

COMMUNITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS – Director Larry Sassa reported that they are beginning their preparations for our tent on the field at the GRR post-race party. He will be in contact with our supplier for the food. We plan for the tent to be even better than it has been in the past.
Regarding our idea of paying for water fountains to be constructed on certain popular running trails, the City of Jacksonville Beach has questions for us. Larry plans to answer them by comparing our water fountain project to our previous statue donation in downtown Jacksonville.

FINANCE – Committee Chair Bonnie Brooks first told us that our taxes will be handled as per usual. Next, our Guana Trail Races made a profit of $1,642. Bonnie made a motion that we donate $1,000 of that to the Friends of Guana who did so much to make our event possible and profitable. Douglas Tillett seconded the motion. After brief discussion, the motion passed.
Lastly, the Shannon Miller Foundation has asked us for support of their running event. Bonnie made a motion, seconded by Douglas Tillett, that we contribute $500 to their event. The motion passed.

MEMBERSHIP – Stuart Toomey noted our headcount at 1,099 total members out of 854 households.

MERCHANDISE – Connie Smith was away. We still have last year’s shirts available.

NEWSLETTER – The deadline for submissions to the next issue of the newsletter is January 10th. We also discussed our webpage space that is available.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Stan Lambert said he is working with Instagram to add that platform to the other social media sites we use.
Stan noted that we need help with the website which is being maintained and updated by Larry Roberts at this time. Errol Daniels is willing to help with the website.

SOCIAL & BANQUET – Jane said that she thinks we should establish the date for our banquet early on this year and she will propose a date for the 2016 banquet at our February board meeting.

VISION & PLANNING – Doug Alred, speaking of the landfill property, told us that the mortgage owners are hoping to take possession of the property but our running park has not been eliminated from the realm of possibility for the development.

NEXT MEETING – The next board meeting will be Tuesday, February 2nd at 6:30 in the Mediterrania Restaurant.

The January meeting was adjourned at 7:58 pm.
Douglas Tillett, JTC Running Secretary, has respectfully written and submitted these minutes.

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