JTC Running Race Team at 2024 Matanzas 5K

by | Jan 22, 2024 | News & Announcements

Despite the cold temperatures there were lots of happy faces before and after the Matanzas 5K. Race Team members scored glass mugs – prefect for filling with a beverage of choice. Hot Toddies anyone?

Josue Velazquez 18:04
Bill Phillips 20:04
Christy Astorga 20:15
Hal Mcclure 20:54
John Heisner 21:19
Mark Gannon 21:27
Belissa Del Valle 21:38
Gary Jones 22:41
Haris Jusic 23:21
Haris Jusic 23:21
Terri Rose 24:28
Stephanie Griffith 24:34
Bruce Holmes 24:48
Andrew Barr 25:21
Kathy Murray 25:31
Tara Showalter 26:23
Donna Gallant 26:58
Kelly Cobb 27:30
Susan Branley 28:41
Leslie Hague 29:54
Mercedes Smith 31:50
Paul Berna 32:05
Nancy Kern 51:54

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