JTC Running Racing Team Pumpkin Run 2022 Results

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Race Results

John Heisner 1:11:34
Josue Velazquez 1:15:39
Stephanie Griffith 1:23:53
Bruce Holmes 1:24:02
Hal Mcclure 1:24:28
Shameka LeCounte 1:26:39
Haris Jusic 1:27:35
Gary Jones 1:27:35
Ginger Brelsford 1:27:45
Terri Rose 1:30:02
Kelly Cobb 1:31:00
Kathy Murray 1:33:41
Leslie Hague 1:36:35
Susan Branley 1:42:50
Mercedes Smith 1:45:23

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