Jacksonville Pedestrian/Bike Master Plan Feedback Request

 Great news! The City of Jacksonville is developing a master Pedestrian/Bike Master Plan! We all know that our city has been slow in addressing the needs and safety of walkers, runners, and cyclists. Two lists of projects have been developed and ranked in priority with the input from a number of public meetings around the city, one of work to be done by the city on city streets, and one of work to be done by FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) on state roads.

The input of the running, walking, and cycling community is vital in assuring that the right projects are addressed in priority. If you would like to express your thoughts, look at the projects, especially those in areas you frequent, and advise your views on their usefulness, priority ranking, and any thing else that come to mind. Please send your comments, including the project number and whether it is a City or FDOT project to: burns@terrellhogan.com.

The projects are listed on two spreadsheets: City projects and FDOT projects.

JTC Running members have been emailed the Google Earth map file depicting the projects. If you would like to receive a copy of the file and a link to the Google Earth program email your request to jtcrunningclub@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support in making Jacksonville a safer place to walk, run, and bike!


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