Board of Directors Meeting Minutes May 2022

by | Jul 24, 2022 | Board Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Location:  Zoom Video Conference

President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Jane Alred, Nicole Andress, Christy Astorga, Bonnie Brooks, James Bryant, Amiee Cords, Will Dunlap, Susan Haag, Angela Harris, Todd O’Donnell, Ty Payne, Larry Roberts, Larry Sassa, Paul Smith, Douglas Tillett, and Jim Van Cleave. Directors Errol Daniels, Dennis Harrison, Franz Lerch, and Stuart Toomey were absent. Marilyn Young, Editor of The Starting Line, also attended the meeting.

Approval of April (4/5/2022) meeting minutes: On a motion by Susan Haag and seconded by Bonnie Brooks, the April board meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Recently elected Treasurer Amiee Cords reported the club’s financials. On the Balance Sheet, it was notable that our investment accounts had a loss of $22K but that’s consistent with the recent decline in the stock market for everybody and not just us.  On the P & L Report, it was notable that we prepaid our CubeSpace units for the coming 12 months, giving us a considerable discount.  Prior to those reports, Bonnie Brooks presented a Budget vs Actuals for the fiscal year to date (April 30) to end her term as treasurer.  She is available to offer assistance and advice but from this time on, it will be Amiee doing the treasurer duties.


Legal Fees – For vetting by the attorneys with a budget of $1,000.  Amy made the motion, seconded by Paul Smith. The motion passed.

2022 Track Series – Douglas Tillett reported our previous meet, on Saturday afternoon, April 16th at Bolles, was a Distance Carnival.  We considered it successful with an acceptable turnout. It was an appropriate event for the lateness of the day. Our next track meet will be a full track meet, again at The Bolles School track in the afternoon, on Saturday, May 14.

Summer Camp – Doug Alred reported that we have received 14 applications for running camp scholarships so far, with runners from Bishop Kenny, Nease, Fletcher, and Creekside applying.  Doug is expecting more applications for scholarships before the deadline.


Awards Banquet – Jane Alred has been exploring outdoor venues, if we decide to host an Awards Banquet this year. One problem she noted is that Run For The Pies, the final event of the Grand Prix, is scheduled for June 25 so we would have to push out the banquet date until July. Douglas Tillett reminded everyone of the stormy weather that seems to be a tradition at our banquets.  The attitude of the board was that we didn’t want to infect our banquet guests with Covid which is still active in Jacksonville.  The board decided to put it off for this year but hopes we can host an Awards Banquet next year.


Bolles Wednesday Workouts – Paul Smith reported that attendance has been 15 to 20 for the morning session and 25 to 35 for the afternoon session.  The problem is that there have been too many blackout dates for our afternoon sessions, although not for our morning sessions.  We discussed alternative locations, such as Mandarin Middle School or Mandarin High, or other schools.  We think the blackout situation will improve during the summer, but we are thinking ahead to when school starts back in September.

Gate River Run 2022 – Doug Alred said that the final report was not ready yet, but it looks pretty good so far.  We have not received the bill from the stadium yet.  Doug thinks the report should be ready by our June board meeting.

Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run (August 27, 2022) – Doug Alred reported that the race is all set with the City of Jacksonville Beach and Tijuana Flats.  The medals have been ordered.  Registration will open in the next week.  We will try to get more runners registered for this year’s race.

VyStar Emerald Trail (Oct 22, 2022) – Doug Alred told us that we will have a 5K and a 10K course, starting at The Courthouse.  We hope we will be able to run the first part of the new trail.

2nd Annual Earth Day on the S-line, Groundwork event (April 23, 10-1p) – Nicole Andress reported that the event was good, with over 200 attendees, most of whom stopped at our tent. People asked us about youth events and about training for beginning runners.

Global Running Day Event for Marathon High – This year, Global Running Day is Wednesday, June 1. Our event registration is open with 52 registered so far.

Finance – We plan to have a Finance Committee meeting before the next board meeting.

Website Revamp: Post Newsletter Articles – Marilyn Young thinks this is a good idea which opens up a whole new world with our newsletter.  The committee will plan a meeting.

Community & Public Relations

Communications: Social Media/Newsletter – Larry Sassa told the board that he has a meeting the next day (tomorrow) with Trish to determine details for our new brochure and our new video. Will Dunlap said we awarded our Runner of the Month to Alex Bowles. He created a certificate for her and plans to present a certificate each month.

Membership – Nicole Andress reported that membership dropped a little, currently at 969 households.

Classes & Clinics – No report.

Vision & Planning – Doug Alred said we have nothing new.

NEXT MEETING – The next board meeting will be Tuesday, June 7, at 6:30 pm via Zoom Video Conference.

The May meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

These minutes were written and respectfully submitted by substitute Douglas Tillett, as Secretary Errol Daniels was away, attending a school event with his son.

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