Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 2022

by | Apr 9, 2022 | Board Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Location:  Zoom Video Conference

President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Jane Alred, Nicole Andress, Christy Astorga, Bonnie Brooks, James Bryant, Errol Daniels, Susan Haag, Angela Harris, Dennis Harrison, Franz Lerch, Todd O’Donnell, Ty Payne, Larry Roberts, Larry Sassa, Paul Smith, Douglas Tillett, Stuart Toomey, and Jim Van Cleave. Guest in attendance was Marilyn Young.

Approval of January (1/4/2022) meeting minutes: On a motion by Ty Payne and seconded by Doug Alred, the January board meeting minutes were approved by the board.

Treasurer’s Report:  Bonnie Brooks reported the club’s financials and discussed in detail the Balance Sheet through January 31, 2022, and the Profit and Loss Detail Statement for January. She discussed in detail main line items including income from memberships and Gate training class as well as expenses for taxes, club promotions, race team entries, donations, PO Box, Last Gasp social, Emerald Trail race expenses, and newsletter costs. She mentioned that the majority of the expenses had already been approved.


2022 Track Series – Douglas Tillett reported that the winter track was a huge success as we had a great turnout. Going into the meet we had a lot of promotions which resulted in about 600 registered runners. There were some issues with Half-Mile Timing as they cancelled a few days before the event. We had to call another race timing company from Tallahassee named Miles and Minutes. He also mentioned that we have 4 more meets coming up. Larry Roberts thanked those who volunteered to make this such a successful event.

New Treasurer Needed – Larry Roberts mentioned that we are still looking for a candidate to take over. He stated he would first look for someone on the board, then proceed to look outward to ensure we get the right individual who has a vast knowledge of the club.

New Editor For Starting Line Needed – Larry Sassa introduced the new editor Marilyn Young. Marilyn was excited and thanked the board for having her as she looks forward to working together. She mentioned her background in journalism, which included being an editor and journalist with the Florida Times-Union and the Daily Record.

New Club Officer Position – Larry Roberts reported that Nicole Andress had expressed an interest in the position. A motion presented by Larry Roberts and seconded by Douglas Tillett to elect Nicole Andress as the club’s Event & Membership Director, was passed by the board. He spoke about creating the new Events & Membership Director position that he previously detailed at our last board meeting.


Nomination of Will Dunlap for Board of Directors – Larry Roberts spoke about current club member and Gate training class pace leader Will Dunlap, who has attended several board meetings and expressed interest in being on the board. Larry mentioned that Will had already been vetted by the executive board as well as his resume was previously sent via email and attached to tonight’s meeting agenda for review. A motion was presented by Larry Roberts, seconded by Douglas Tillett, to nominate Will Dunlap for the open seat on Board of Directors. The motion was passed by the board.


Bolles Wednesday Workouts – Paul Smith reported that track sessions are going well and have grown. Currently there are 69 members attending the morning workout sessions and 95 members participating in the night workouts.

Gate River Run Training Class – Larry Roberts reported that the class currently has 108 registered participants.

Go Green Winter Beach Run 10 Mile (January 30, 2022) – Doug Alred reported that race day weather turned out to be great and the event went well. There were about 745 runners signed up, which most were in the 5K. There were 160 in the 10-mile race. Our goal is to get more people to run it. Larry Roberts said someone had suggested to make the 10-mile race double the Grand Prix points in hopes to get more runners to participate as an incentive.

Gate River Run 2022 – Doug Alred reported that registration is still doing great numbers. There were 550 signups yesterday. We have passed the 10,000 mark and our goal is to reach 12,000. We will be moving the finish line and using the brand-new ramp for the finish. We are currently working on filling up the expo with vendors. We are expecting a lot of out of towners or people that live at least 80 miles away. We got our bid in for the 15K championship for the next 4 years, which it is currently approved for 1 year. Jane Alred reported there will be a post-race party outside this year. She stated that booth sales have not been great or as good as the pre-covid expos. Jim Van Cleave reported we currently have 100 elite athletes that have expressed interest. There has been more interest from the men rather than the women as we have 62 men and 38 women signed up. He mentioned several of the entrants, which included last year and previous years champions. He also mentioned that the runners will have to take covid tests before the event and we’ll have the hotel setup with elite check-in and a hospitality suite. The volunteer setup will be the same as last year which includes Todd O’Donnell, Douglas Tillett, and Mark Ryan. Christy Astorga stated that she could assist if needed. Jim also said more drivers would be nice. It was also mentioned that we needed more volunteers at our JTC booth for Friday afternoon. James Bryant indicated that he would be able to volunteer. Larry Roberts asked if we still have our TV to display. Larry Sassa stated that the wrist bands had been ordered and will be distributed at the expo. We will communicate when and where to pick up these items. He said he has a meeting with the caterer this week. The bag claim tickets have also been ordered. He said he had informed Doug Alred to enlarge our footprint for space as we expect more people to visit our tent. We still need volunteers to sign up for their tent shifts, which our big need is for early in the morning for set up. It usually quiets down during the race. There should not be any children left behind without a guardian.

Finance – Bonnie Brooks reported the club’s 990 has been completed with Larry’s signature. She also stated that the 1099’s went out and should be received soon. Bonnie also presented in detail the Profit and Loss Statement for Guana race. She discussed main line items regarding income and expenses, which included race day and online entries, timing costs, race expenses and reimbursements, and shirts.

Website Revamp: Terry Sikes/Donation Page – Errol Daniels reported that there were some edits to the Donations page that needed to be made and should be updated within the next couple of days. The Donations page allows members and the community to make specific donations for various events and projects (Emerald Trail, Marathon High, Terry Sikes Fund), however the verbiage about Terry Sikes Fund has been omitted and needs to be added. There is a dropdown box for that allows specific donations.

Community & Public Relations

Communications: Social Media/Newsletter – Larry Sassa spoke about Trish’s efforts, which included the short video clip of “JTC Host of Gate” that was short and very impactful. Also, the fun facts that she has been working on with Doug, which have been informative and have showed the impact of Gate River Run. We have been increasing our exposure through Facebook and Instagram. He also mentioned that Christy has done a great job with the posts. He reported the newsletter is currently being finished up and will go faster now that Marilyn is our editor.

Membership – Nicole Andress reported that membership was currently at 947 households. She also displayed a 12-month trend of our membership levels, which reflected a growth of 11%.

Classes & Clinics – Jane Alred reported that the recent clinic with Dr. Peter Yu was a success as there was a good turnout. There were 14 people who attended, and she looks forward to doing more soon.

Vision & Planning – Doug Alred reported the Tomahawk update and renovations have been completed.

NEXT MEETING – The next board meeting will be Tuesday, March 1st, at 6:30 pm via Zoom Video Conference as a check in meeting before Gate River Run. The next regular meeting will be April 5th.

The February meeting was adjourned at 7:31 pm.

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