JTC Running Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 2020


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Location:  ZOOM Cloud Meeting due to COVID19 Pandemic and Social Distancing Requirement

President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m. We were unable to meet in our usual face-to-face format due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Florida’s governor called for all restaurants to be closed so our usual meeting place in the Mediterrania Restaurant was not available; therefore, we opted for a ZOOM Cloud Meeting.

Directors present for the meeting were Doug Alred, Jane Alred, Nicole Andress, Christy Astorga, Bonnie Brooks, James Bryant, Errol Daniels, Susan Haag, Angela Harris, Dennis Harrison, Franz Lerch, Todd O’Donnell, Ty Payne, Larry Roberts, Larry Sassa, Paul Smith, Douglas Tillett, Stuart Toomey and Jim Van Cleave.  Director Jim Van Cleave was absent. Stan Lambert resigned from the board effective 4/6/2020.

We also had two guests for our ZOOM meeting: Meghan Fiveash and Kay Ehas of Groundwork Jacksonville.

Presentation by Kay Ehas, Groundwork Jacksonville – An excellent presentation was given to the board by Kay Ehas, the Chief Executive Officer of Groundwork Jacksonville, which has received financial support from JTCR in the past. Also attending the meeting was Meghan Fiveash, the Development & Membership Coordinator of Groundwork Jacksonville.

Kay began with some history of our city’s Emerald Trail project which was first approved and established in 2013. Development has been progressing. All those involved are confident our trail will be an economic engine for Jacksonville. We were shown a series of slides, each with a photograph of the “current view” on one side and a top-notch rendering of how the same scene will look as the Emerald Trail is completed. It was exciting, to see how the project will transform these areas into locations that will attract citizens and visitors from all over the city. The Emerald Trail will be particularly beneficial for our club members, as fitness enthusiasts, providing fresh and innovative locations for us to run, walk, bike, and enjoy.

Groundwork Jacksonville has submitted a funding request to JTCRunning for $50,000 to jump-start the next important segment of the development of the S-Line Trail, which currently has an uncompleted section of about a mile between the northern and southern areas of the S-Line, and which now requires users to travel over city streets and sidewalks. Groundwork Jacksonville is hopeful that our club will approve the funding request and allow the initiation of design activities. Additionally, they point out that our funding will attract more funding from other sources, when those groups see the possibilities created by the Emerald Trail.

Following the presentation, Kay and Meghan took questions from the board until we couldn’t think of any more to ask.

Approval of 3/3/20 (March meeting) minutes: The March board meeting minutes were not ready at the time of the April meeting so the approval was deferred.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Bonnie Brooks used Zoom to share screens showing the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Detail Report and then reviewed both documents thoroughly with the board.


Eco Counter – Larry Roberts updated the board on the status of the Eco Counter.  The unit is “on the way” to Jacksonville and will be installed on the Northbank Riverwalk near The Corkscrew in the next two months.

Water Fountains at Jax Beach – Larry Roberts told us that plaques for the water fountains, crediting JTCRunning with their placement, are being manufactured for us now.  After the water fountains are installed, we will make sure that some sort of opening celebration occurs, regardless of the Covid19 virus situation at that time.

Summer Running Camp Scholarships – Doug Alred said that about 25 applications have been received from students hoping for running camp scholarships from us. Larry Roberts noted that the Brevard Distance Running Camp website says that they are accepting $100 deposits from campers for camp and they are planning for three separate weeks of camp as usual but they cannot confirm “for sure” that they will actually be able to hold the camp. The camp will return deposits if they are unable to have camp this summer. Likewise, our website encourages students to apply for a scholarship but advises them that the corona virus may impact the camp program and that we will provide updates as they become available.  Our last day for accepting running camp scholarship applications was set from the beginning as May 15.

Dick Beardsley at Gate River Run – Bonnie Brooks said that expenses from the Dick Beardsley visit total $1,173.10. Bonnie made a motion, seconded by Todd O’Donnell, that we pay the expenses. The motion passed.


Mediterrania Restaurant – We have been conducting our monthly JTCR board meetings at the Mediterrania Restaurant for years and years and we appreciate them very much for this. To support the people there and the restaurant itself during this time when all restaurants have been forced to close by the governor of the state, we discussed that we could offer them a contract for the year 2020, payable immediately, ensuring our meeting space there when we are able to again. Nicole Andress made a motion, seconded by Todd O’Donnell, that we proceed with the contract for $1,000.  The motion passed.


Go Green Winter Beach Run – Doug Alred provided the written accounting for this year’s race. He noted that the number of runners had continued to dwindle this year but the race showed a profit nevertheless.  He noted that we have talked about the WBR over the years as we noted the decline in the number of runners and we are not sure what would be the best thing to do. During discussion, it was obvious that we do not want to drop the race – it is, after all, the first race that our club ever held. Perhaps the distances could be changed. We were not able to reach a conclusion during discussion. The board referred the future of the WBR to the Race Committee for further brainstorming and possibilities.

Track Series 2020 – The next track meet is scheduled for May 9 at Bartram Trail High School, followed by a meet at The Bolles School on May 30, and then two more in June, also at Bolles.  None of this is certain at all, with the Covid19 situation.  We are letting the schools help us determine how the schedule shakes out. Director Angela Harris, who is the president of USATF-FL and in charge of their youth running program, told the board that USATF Running is done for this summer.  The Junior Olympics, which were going to be in Jacksonville at UNF in July, have been cancelled.

Gate River Run (Sat 3/7/20) – There is no doubt and the entire board totally agreed that we were SO LUCKY with our timing of the GRR this year, having the race mere days before all racing and everything else shut down for the virus. And a great race it was! Very successful!! The numbers (all the numbers) were very good! But right now, the future is uncertain, not only for the Gate River Run but for all races.

Players Expo – The Expo was excellent.

Elites – Jim Van Cleave, who headed up the Elite effort, was unable to attend the meeting.  No report from Jim but witnesses to the success of our Elite program testified that it was the best that it could be.  The athletes love our race and those of us who put it on – all of them want to come back and run the GRR again.

Vystar Emerald Trail 5K – the race was scheduled for May 23, but is now rescheduled for September 5.

Emerald Trail S-Line Trolley Tour for Board Members – was scheduled for March 25 at 10 AM – cancelled.

Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run – the race is scheduled for 8/22/2020. Race Director Doug Alred noted that, so far, more than twenty races have been rescheduled. He thinks that, maybe, racing might return by the Fourth of July, but he really thinks that it’ll be August.

Race/Track Meet Committee: meeting after GRR – We still plan to establish a meeting date and time for the committee to meet but since everything is so up-in-the-air, we haven’t decided yet.

Community & Public Relations – Larry Sassa was happy how CPR activities worked out at the GRR.

Classes & Clinics / Awards Banquet – Jane Alred thinks that we won’t be able to have our Awards Banquet in June like we usually do.  Who knows? She thinks it’ll probably be July or August, if then.

Finance – Bonnie Brooks told us that the Finance Committee had approved, via email messages between committee members, funding for a track meet event at Bartram Trail High School. No check was sent out and the event did not occur.

Membership – Current membership was reported as 1,381 by Stuart Toomey. Stuart also gave a “thumbs up” for the way our TV and stand worked out in the JTCR booth in the GRR Expo.

Communications / Social Media – the board discussed what we should do to replace Stan Lambert who resigned from taking care of all our social media – Larry Sassa said that he is willing to take a stab at it.  The board did not vote to make him take the job, though.  The entire board will be thinking of the possibilities for this.

Vision & Planning – No report.

NEXT MEETING – The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 5, probably by Zoom Cloud Meeting at 6:30.

The April meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

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