Winners Announced at JTC Running’s 35th Annual Banquet


                                    2017-2018 JTC Running AWARDS AND WINNERS


Outstanding Female High School Track & Field Athlete              Semaj McGhee (Bishop Snyder High)

Outstanding Female High School Cross Country Runner            Claire Openshaw (Creekside High)

Outstanding Male High School Track & Field Athlete                   Nathan Jubran (Bishop Kenny)

Outstanding Male High School Cross Country Runner                Charles Hicks (The Bolles School)

Outstanding High School Coach                                                     Mike Rivera (Bolles)                                 

Outstanding College Runner                                                           Eden Meyer (University of North Florida)

JTC Running Volunteer of the Year                                                Jim Hansen

Outstanding Women’s Open Division Runner                               Rachel McFarlane

Outstanding Women’s Masters Division Runner                           Michelle Krueger

Outstanding Women’s Senior Division Runner                             Karen Stellhorn

Outstanding Men’s Open Division Runner                                     Ryan Sloan

Outstanding Men’s Masters Division Runner                                Brian Shrout

Outstanding Men’s Senior Division Runner                                   Robert Wood

Distinguished Merit Award                                                               Gary Corbitt

Sponsor of the Year                                                                           Gate Petroleum                                                  

 Media Person of the Year                                                                 Clayton Freeman (Florida Times-Union)

JTC Running Runner of the Year                                                      Belissa DelValle

JTC Running Runner of the Year                                                      Josue Velazquez                                 

Most Improved Runner of the Year                                                  Simon O’Brien

Outstanding Community Service Award                                          Jackie Culver (Marathon High)

Outstanding Race Volunteer                                                              Kent Smith

Running Leader of the Year                                                               Paul Smith

Youth Runner of the Year, Boys                                                        Tito Guerrero

Youth Runner of the Year, Girls                                                        Lucrezia Gowdy

Comeback Runner of the Year                                                            Gary Myers

Outstanding Men’s Newcomer                                                          Omron Wallizada

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