JTC Running Racing Team Wine & Chocolate 5K Results

Gary Jones 21:47
Fred Wainio 22:01
Cari Holbrook 22:07
Bruce Holmes 22:45
Ronzon Alison 23:37
Kari Regar 23:39
Terri Rose 23:40
Leslie Hague 25:07
Kathy Murray 26:02
Vicky Connell 26:10
Tara Showalter 26:56
Kathryn Gay 27:11
Frank Frazier 35:27
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One thought on “JTC Running Racing Team Wine & Chocolate 5K Results

  1. Bill Philips and Murphy Nmezi participated in the 2018 Wine & Chocolate 5K event and you did not include our names on the list. We are the two good looking guys in one of the pictures posted above. 🙂


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