JU Running Lab at 1st Place Sports


The JU Running Laboratory at 1st Place Sports is an exciting collaboration among the Jacksonville University Kinesiology program, 1st Place Sports, and JTC Running.



  • a unique “field laboratory”
  • directed by Jacksonville University Kinesiology
  • located at 1st Place Sports Jacksonville Beach store
  • JTC Running became a primary sponsor and partner in the Summer 2017
  • JTC Running funds a JU Kinesiology graduate student to conduct analyses
  • JTC members receive ½ price analyses
  • Bio-mechanical analysis
  • VO2/Running Economy

HOW TO REGISTER: Visit the website to learn more and register for an analysis at discount price for JTC Running members.



     -Offer Scientific Analyses: The goal is to provide state-of-the-art bio-mechanical and VO2/Running Economy analyses for runners.

      -Conduct research: JU has collaborated with a world leader, the University of Calgary Running Injury Clinic, to develop the        Running Laboratory at 1st Place Sports. The laboratory is equipped with Vicon motion-analysis and a Parvo metabolic cart.

        -Education: Use the laboratory as a platform to educate, train, and fund students.

JTC Graduate Assistant: Ryan Sloan

Ryan is a first year graduate student funded by the Jacksonville Track Club. With this new JTC graduate assistantship, we have been able to incorporate Parvo metabolic testing in the Running Laboratory. Ryan is now fully trained to conduct biomechanical and VO2/running economy testing. Ryan is also a dedicated and fast runner. He is a sub-16 5K runner and this September he ran a blazing 2:32:45 marathon at Erie, PA to qualify for Boston. Ryan also has excellent coaching experience and a strong academic background in biology.


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