Lamar Strother Back Home

Update: Lamar has returned home from the rehab center and is improving day by day. He is very appreciative of the cards in the mail and the visits at the center. His home address is: 1511 South McDuff Ave, Jacksonville, FL, 32205.

Lamar Strother, who has been a leader of JTCRunning from the beginning and is very well known in the running community, could use our help.

Lamar, shown here at the Club’s 40th Birthday Celebration, had a fall while working in his yard after Hurricane Irma. Passers by rushed to his aid and called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. His injury was a broken pelvis which was surgically repaired but he is sequestered in a rehab center for a few more weeks until he heals enough to go home and return to his routine.
It would cheer him and encourage him to receive post cards or notes from us in the club. Please take a couple of minutes and write to him. It’ll make his day.


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