JTC Running Race Team Scores at Ortega River Run

Steph plus

The team took four age group firsts, three seconds, and three thirds! Outstanding!

George Barthelmes 29.55  = 2nd in age group
Richard Tyndall 31.55
Joe Gilbert 31.56
Karen Stellhorn 32.42  = 1st in age group
Mark Gannon 32.52
Regina Sooey 33.59  = 1st in age group
Gary Jones 34.43
Erin Dankworth 34.57
Andrew Barr 35.19
Mac Wooton 35.52
Alison Ronzon 36.21  = 2nd in age group
Donna Gallant 36.47
Murphy Nmezi 37.00  = 3rd in age group
Stephanie Griffith 37.21  = 1st in age group
George White 37.36  = 1st in age group
Terri Rose 38.02
Leslie Hague 38.30  = 2nd in age group
Leah Pelham 40.21  = 3rd in age group
Vicky Connell 40.29
Kathy Murray 40.48
Frank Frazier 46.53  = 3rd in age group
George Hoskins 53.20

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