Sign Up Today for the 50th Annual Tijuana Flats Summer Beach Run

Summer Beach Run

Register HERE for the oldest foot race in Northeast Florida, brought to you by JTC Running!

The first Summer Beach Run was held in 1965 when the Beatles were taking the US by storm. Long hair with long sideburns was the rage, and we had not yet put a man on the moon. The first event consisted of 25 to 30 runners who were taken by truck to the starting line at Hannah Park. There were only men running the race that year. Most were high school cross country runners getting ready for the season. The race is those days was a straight shot down the beach to the Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station. The Seawalk Pavilion would not be built for another 40 years.

To commemorate the 50 birthday of the Summer Beach Run, JTC Running has commissioned the creation of a one-time only medal for the Summer Beach Run. The medal will be given to all finishers of the 5 mile run. After the conclusion of the run, a huge post-race celebration will be held featuring a live band, free beer, and tacos from Tijuana Flats.

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