JTC Running Recognizes Many at Annual Awards Banquet

JTC Running held its annual Awards Banquet June 26 at Maggiano’s in Town Center. The following awards were announced and presented to a full house of Club members and running enthusiasts:

2013-2014 JTC Running AWARDS AND WINNERS

Outstanding Female High School Track & Field Athlete:   Mackenzie Wilson (The Bolles School)

Outstanding Female High School Cross Country Runner:  Karen Xiang (Nease High School)

Outstanding Male High School Track & Field Athlete:        Kendal Williams (Stanton College Prep)

Outstanding Male High School Cross Country Runner:       Noah Kemp (St. Augustine High School)

Outstanding High School Coach:                                            Tony Ryan (The Bolles School)

Outstanding Volunteer of the Year:                                        Malvern Drewa

Outstanding Women’s Open Division Runner:                      Kim Brantly

Outstanding Women’s Masters Division Runner:                  Alison Ronzon

Outstanding Women’s Senior Division Runner:                     Kathleen Kaye

Outstanding Men’s Open Division Runner:                            Justin Jacobs

Outstanding Men’s Masters Division Runner:                       Brad Smith

Outstanding Men’s Senior Division Runner:                           Bruce Holmes

Distinguished Merit Award:                                                      Rodney Smith

Sponsor of the Year:                                                                   Heekin Orthopedic Specialists

Media Person of the Year:                                                         Sam Kouvaris WJXT – TV4

JTC Running Runner of the Year:                                            Stephanie Griffith

Running Leader of the Year:                                                     Denise & John Metzgar

Most Improved Runner of the Year:                                         Leslie Hague

Newcomer of the Year:                                                               Mary Kummerfeld

Comeback Runner of the Year:                                                  Stephen Michael

Local Running Legend:                                                               Todd Williams


Also recognized were the winners of the 1st Place Sports annual Grand Prix competition.

The full results of the 2013/2014 Grand Prix made be found HERE.

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