2010 March Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2010 March Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Location: Mediterrania Restaurant; 3877 Baymeadows Road; Jacksonville, FL

President David Hall called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m. Directors Colleen Clarson, Michael Fitzsimmons, Jo Shott, and Owen Shott were absent.Bob Ryan attended the meeting as a guest.

Approval of 2/2/10 minutes: The February minutes were approved as submitted and will be published in The Starting Line and posted on the club website.

Treasurer’s Report:Treasurer Bonnie Brooks distributed copies of the Balance Sheet and the Profit & Loss Detail and then reviewed the documents with the board and answered all questions.


SulzbacherCenter Update – Director Margaret Barton said that we have commitments from a dozen volunteers for the March 27 dinner we’re serving at the center for the homeless.
Bolles Wednesday Early-Morning Track Workouts – Margaret Barton reminded us that the early morning track workouts on Wednesdays were funded by board action for only six months (compared to one year for the afternoon sessions) and that our six months expires in April.She considers the morning sessions successful as member turnout has been 22 to 25 runners per week.She made a motion, seconded by Lamar Strother, that we fund the Wednesday morning sessions for another six months.During discussion, it was emphasized that we want to make sure everyone running at the workout has their JTCRunning membership verified.The motion passed, 14 to zero.


JTCR Racing Team – Director David Frank submitted copies of a proposal to create a team to race for and represent JTCRunning throughout the year.The team will eventually have minimum requirements to join but will operate on an invitation and interest level for the short-term.The proposal is for a one-year commitment for the initial cost of team jerseys and entry fees for JTCRunning events, funded out of the budget line called “Racing Team.”David Frank framed this as a motion, seconded by Doug Alred.During discussion, it was decided that anyone running on the team must be a club member, that we’d like only the JTCRunning logo (no other logos) on running team attire, and that we’d insist on a one-year commitment from team members.We talked about the proposed team’s name and what logo or words we wanted on the jerseys.David Frank says he already has twelve runners interested, so we called the question and the motion passed unanimously.A meeting will be arranged during the month to decide the open questions over formation of the JTCRunning Racing Team.
RRCA Convention – Doug Tillett noted that our budget for conventions is $1500.He made a motion that the board authorize him to attend the upcoming RRCA convention in Lakeland on April 22 thru April 25, pay his registration fee as our club’s voting delegate ($350), and then split up the remainder of the budget for qualified convention expenses among the members who wanted to attend, in consideration of the close proximity of the convention this year.The motion was seconded and passed.


RACE COMMITTEE – The committee met on March 1 and discussed the upcoming Gate River Run.

Gate River Run (3/13/10) – Doug Alred predicts another record crowd for the race.He believes we’ll have 15,000 runners registered for the 15,000 meters, which will translate to about 13,500 finishers.The race shirt was shown to the board – he figures it’ll be so popular that we’ve made “extras” available for sale.We have a great event coming up, including Hall of Fame inductions this year.

Richard Fannin reported that things have lined up nicely for the TenBroeck Cup, with seven elite men’s teams and five elite women’s teams.

JohnTenBroeckMemorialWinterBeach Run – (2/14/10) – Race Director Doug Alred is finalizing the accounting of this year’s race and the charity to which the donation will be made in John’s memory.

GuanaRiver 50km Trail Run & Relay (3/27/10) // GTMERR 10K (2/7/10) – No report.

RITA CASH – Doug Alred tells us that Chuck Jantz is no longer involved with this race, which has been sold to a different charity and is operated under a different name.We no longer have any involvement with it.

Ginger Fannin Couples Relay – No action on this race so far.

CLASSES & CLINICS – Jane Alred still hopes to bring Dick Beardsley to speak, sometime.

COMMUNITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS – Committee Chair Larry Sassa filled us in on the plans for the JTCRunning Hospitality Area at the post-race party at the Gate River Run.Food will be provided, as will drinks, a couple of “exclusive” porta-potties, and brief post-race massages.It’ll be a good place for our club members to meet up, both before and after the race.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – The committee met on March 1 to discuss making a donation to Bishop Snyder High’s memorial being built to Coach Dan Brown, which will be located at the school’s track, which bears his name.Bonnie Brooks made a motion, seconded by Doug Alred, that we sponsor the memorial with a $500 donation.The motion passed.

MEMBERSHIP – Rex Reed, Membership Coordinator, told us that our club has 741 member families, and that 30 of those came from “sign ups” at races.

MERCHANDISE – Carol Fitzsimmons, who is the coordinator of the JTCRunning booth inside the GRR Expo, needs people in the booth, particularly experienced club members who have done “booth time” in the past and can guide new volunteers on how to do it.Carol also reported that at the Breast Cancer Marathon Expo, we received five new memberships and spent time promoting our club’s website.

NEWSLETTER – Committee Chair David Frank reminded us that the deadline for submitting articles for the next issue of The Starting Line is March 15.

WEBSITE – Trib the Webmaster said he has been getting inquiries for our track meets.

SOCIAL & BANQUET – Jane Alred reminded us of the Hall of Fame Induction for the Gate River Run on March 9 beginning at 6 pm.

VISION & PLANNING – Committee Chair Doug Alred said that work is underway on the trail at BakerSkinnerPark, where we had a bridge constructed that will connect two parts of the trail.

NEXT MEETING – the next meeting will be Tuesday, April 6, at 7 p.m. at Mediterrania Restaurant.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Douglas Tillett, JTCRunning Secretary, has respectfully written and submitted these minutes.

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