2010 June Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2010 June Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Location: Mediterrania Restaurant; 3877 Baymeadows Road; Jacksonville, FL

President David Hall called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m. Directors Richard Fannin, Carol Fitzsimmons, Michael Fitzsimmons, David Frank, Trib La Prade, Rex Reed, Jo Shott, Owen Shott, and Jim Van Cleave were absent. David Moritz, our Team Coordinator, attended the meeting.

Approval of 5/4/10 minutes: The minutes from the May meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bonnie Brooks distributed copies of the Balance Sheet, the Profit & Loss Detail, and the Budget vs. Actuals for the year through May 31, 2010, and then reviewed the documents with the board


RRCA Convention Report – The RRCA’s annual convention was held April 22 through April 25 in Lakeland, Florida. Douglas Tillett was our representative at the convention. He had given the board an overview of the most important developments from the convention at the May meeting. No new developments had occurred since then.
Storage Units – a group of board members, assisted by several volunteers, met at Mandarin Mini and successfully emptied one of our two units, with the bulk of the material being taken to the landfill while material deemed worthy of further review or important enough to save was all consolidated into the remaining until. This occurred on Friday, May 14. A second effort will be scheduled to further reduce the quantity of stuff remaining and move it to the U-Stor unit we have.
By-Law Review Update – The Ad Hoc Committee that is working on the By-Law Review reported that their goal is to submit findings to the board by the August meeting.
Election Process Update – The task force’s goal is for an August report to the board of their work and presentation of their initial recommendations.
Statue Update – Lamar Strother told us that he had contacted our sculptor, Derby Ulloa, and that there is still time for us to review the full-sized statue before it goes to the foundry. Doug Alred and Trib La Prade will plan a trip to his studio for the review but we also discussed inviting certain JTCR members, particularly female members, to give the statue an analysis as well. Further discussion centered on writing press releases about the placing of the statue on the Northbank Riverwalk.
Bolles Agreement – The original of the Facility Rental and Event Agreement from The Bolles School for the current 6-month early-morning Wednesday track workout sessions was signed by David Hall for submission to Bolles.


1. Doug Alred reported that the committee that reviews requests from students for the Summer Camp Grants that we award was working to finalize the list. Our budget is $5,000 which should allow us to send 13 students to camp this year, based on the nicely-discounted rate we receive from the Brevard Distance Runners Camp.

2. David Moritz, our team coordinator, discussed the status of the team with the board. A Race Committee meeting that was held on May 11 focused on the team. A few of the expectations were highlighted: all team members will be JTCRunning members, we will provide JTCRunning racewear, and there will not be a “masters” category – only men’s and women’s open teams. David reported that eight men and five women had agreed to the team requirements so far and asked for recommendations of additional worthy runners from the board. Doug Alred made a motion, seconded by Larry Roberts, that we proceed with financing the team with a ten thousand dollar budget. The motion passed unanimously.


RACE COMMITTEE – The committee met on Tuesday, May 11 to discuss the JTCRunning team.

Gate River Run (3/13/10) – Director Doug Alred submitted a Profit & Loss Standard to every board member present, for this year’s race. It was a big year for Gate River Run and the P & L reflected the tremendous success of this year’s event.

John TenBroeck Memorial Winter Beach Run – (2/14/10) – The race made a donation of $1,039 to The Donna Foundation as John’s memorial from this year’s event.

Track Meets – Director Lamar Strother said the May 1 meet had 120 participants and the May 28 meet had 150 participants. There will still be a meet in June and another in July.

Carrabba’s Summer Beach Run – Race Director Doug Alred announced the date for the race as August 28, 2010 (a Saturday evening) at 7 p.m. with pre and post race activities in the SeaWalk Pavilion. Carrabba’s has agreed to be our title sponsor again this year, which is good.

CLASSES & CLINICS – Our next JTCRunning Training Class, coached by John Metzgar, will be starting in August. It’ll be a half marathon class with the “graduation run” being the Outback Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day.

COMMUNITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS – The committee met and their discussion was about announcing the new statue, and giving news of the timeline of her placement, as a donation of public art. Committee Chair Larry Sassa said the information would also be distributed to the press in general, so the entire community can share our excitement over the new statue.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – Treasurer Bonnie Brooks told us that Rodney Smith of Stanton College Prep had requested a $500 donation for track upgrade at the school. Doug Alred said he’d contact Rodney for more information. Also, Bonnie told us she is leaving on June 20 for an extended vacation in New England but that she plans to return, as she always does.

MEMBERSHIP – Director Rex Reed was on vacation – no report.

MERCHANDISE – No report.

NEWSLETTER – Doug Philips wants to write contributions to The Starting Line. He will be referred to David Frank, the Newsletter Committee Chairperson.

WEBSITE – No report.

SOCIAL & BANQUET – A committee meeting to plan the Awards Banquet was scheduled for Tuesday, June 8, at 6:30 at European Street in San Marco. The Awards Banquet will be on Sunday, June 27, in the Riverplace Tower’s Café, which is our customary spot, except for last year.

VISION & PLANNING – Committee Chair Doug Alred said development of the statue and work on our trail in Baker Skinner Park is continuing to progress.

NEXT MEETING – the board does not meet in July, so the next meeting will be Tuesday, August 3, at 7 p.m. at Mediterrania Restaurant.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Douglas Tillett, JTCRunning Secretary, has respectfully written and submitted these minutes.

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