2010 August Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

2010 August Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

JTCRunning Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Location: Mediterrania Restaurant, 3877 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, FL.

Vice-president Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m. Directors Bob Fernee, Michael Fitzsimmons, David Hall, Jo Shott, Owen Shott, and Douglas Tillett were absent. David Moritz, our Race Team Coordinator, attended the meeting, as did club member Doug Phillips.

Approval of 6/1/2010 minutes: The minutes of the June meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bonnie Brooks distributed copies of the Balance Sheet as of August 2 and the Profit and Loss Detail for June and July, and reviewed the documents with the board.

Old Business:

Storage Units- Units are paid up and further consolidation into less space will await cooler weather.
Statue Update- Sculptor Derby Ulloa has performed some further modifications and it will be ready for review within two weeks. We would still like for some female Board members to make the trip to review the statue within the next two weeks before Ulloa is paid the second installment for the project. Ulloa feels strongly that a second plaque should accompany this second statue.
Summer Running Camp Grants- The confusion over payments to two camps has been cleared up. The Club is sending 14 youth to camp at a total cost of $5220.
Racing Team update- David Moritz reported that uniforms have been ordered and the team now has ten male and six female members out of a goal of fifteen each.
Election Process Update- Margaret Barton distributed a draft of preliminary recommendations submitted by the committee composed of Margaret, Colleen Clarson, and Larry Roberts. Larry described the process undertaken and preliminary recommendations. These included amending the Club bylaws to clarify Board member eligibility requirements, the nomination and election process, and term of service. Another recommendation was to consider coupling two year terms with electing half the board seats each year, thus ensuring continuity of operations. Another was to consider making the Treasurer’s position an appointed one. Other recommendations to be considered were establishing an online election process, posting bylaws and election procedures on the Club website, and tasking current Board members with recruiting new members, targeting expertise needed. The various recommendations were discussed and additional ideas were given to the committee to explore, research, and report back.
By-laws Review Update- This was deferred in Doug Tillett’s absence.
New Business:

Bolles Agreement- Margaret Barton discussed the success of both the morning and evening training sessions at the Bolles track in terms of turnout and generating new Club memberships. She proposed a motion to renew the agreements for both morning and evening sessions for one year from September 9, 2010 at a cost of $5600. The motion was seconded by David Frank and passed.
Track Meet Race director- Lamar Strother announced his resignation as Race Director after the summer 2011 sessions. There was considerable discussion of the huge effort expended by Lamar to phone for volunteers and to run the actual meets. A number of ideas were discussed on how to go forward, including various forms of partnership with UNF. The Race Committee will take up the task of managing Lamar’s replacement.
Committee Reports:

Race Committee- Doug Alred said the committee would meet after the Summer Beach Run.

Gate River Run- Doug Alred announced that the race would join the Running Journal Grand Prix circuit next year.

Track Series- Lamar Strother presented an accounting of the Summer Track Classic held at Bolles July 24, 2010. A total of 152 athletes participated.

Carrabba’s Summer Beach Run – Doug Alred stated that preparations were complete. Doug and Jane will not be present but all assignments are in capable hands. Arrangements will be made to have all needed signed checks on hand for vendors. Lamar Strother reminded the Board that the parking lot adjacent to Seawalk Pavilion has a $5.00 fee during summer months and that adjacent bank parking lots were being towed of violators. A trolley is available between various mall parking lots and the Pavilion.

Last Gasp- No report.

Classes and Clinics- Doug Alred announced that the half marathon class is filling up.

Community Relations- Larry Sassa announced that preparations have been made with the mayor’s office for his participation in the dedication of the second Gate River Run statue projected for January, 2011.

Finance- No additional report.

Membership- Rex Reed announced that membership was in excess of 800 and gaining from the running classes and Bolles workout sessions.

Merchandise- No report.

Newsletter- David Frank announced the current edition had gone to the printer last week and should be in mailboxes soon. The cutoff for submissions for the next edition is September 13.

Website- Trib LaPrade announced that the Club would soon debut a Facebook page that will facilitate the posting of a large number of current and historical Club photos.

Social & Banquet- All agree this year’s banquet was a success.

Vision & Planning- Doug Alred recapped the investments the Club has made in a number of projects this year, including the TenBroeck Cup at the Gate River Run, the second Gate River Run statue, increasing the number of youth sent to summer camp, and the bridge for the trail at Skinner Park. Additional investment is anticipated in the trail itself.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 7, at 7 p.m. at the Mediterrania Restaurant.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m.

Larry Roberts, JTCRunning Vice-President, has respectfully submitted these minutes.

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