Devil Take the Hindmost Cross Country Race

August 18, 2018 @ 7:30 am – 10:00 am
The Bolles School
7400 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32217
Tony Ryan

** We will have 3 girls/womens races and 3 boys/mens races

** The course will be all on grass

** Each loop will be 500m approx — everyone in the JV races stays in for at least 3-4 laps (1500m–2000m) and everyone in the varsity race stays in for 5-6 laps (2500m — 3000m) – (with the exception of any runner who is just too far off the pace; we will pull him/her sooner)

** After that, we will have the option of eliminating the runners who are falling off the pack. That option could range from not eliminating anyone on the 4th lap (because they are all still together) to eliminating up to ten on the 6th lap (because they have fell too far back from the main pack).

The number we eliminate will depend on the number of the main pack and the number of stragglers who have fell off from the main pack.

** As the “race” unfolds the goal is to eliminate runners who fall off the main pack until we are left with a small group – anywhere from maybe 4-6 going into last lap.

** We will have a zone area at the finish line that the leaders must remain in that zone area until the last runner has crossed a mark which will be about 100m or so before finish line (goal posts at San Jose side of field) – as soon as the last runner has crossed that marker the leaders can begin the next lap.

***** However, we have the right to change and make up rules as we go along – because in an event like this we need to be somewhat flexible.

Schedule – **** the times after the first race are approx.; we will go on a rolling schedule after the Boys Varsity race


Boys Varsity starts at 7:30 AM – up to 10 laps, 5000m

Girls Varsity starts at 7:55 AM – up to 10 laps, 5000m

Boys JV (JV runners) – 8:20 am – up to 8 laps, 4000m

Girls JV (JV runners) – 8:40 am – up to 8 laps, 4000m

Boys JV (novice JV runners) – 9:00 am – up to 6 laps, 3000m

Girls JV (novice JV runners) – 9:20 am – up to 6 laps, 3000m

**Distances are also approx.

** Coaches: please try to have at least  7 runners in the varsity races (obviously you can have more if you wish)

**Please keep in mind that the 3k races are meant for newer (slower) runners who will have difficulty with the pace and distance of the 4k races.

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