Track Meet April 14 Results, Next Meet June 2

JTC Running’s 2018 Track Series will consist of six meets:

  1. Winter Track Meet 8 AM, January 13 at Creekside High School. Results: HERE
  2. Distance Carnival 4 PM, April 14 at The Bolles School. Results: HERE
  3. Track and field meet 3 PM, June 2 at Bolles.
  4. Track and field meet 7:30 AM, June 16 at Bolles.
  5. Track and field meet 7:30 AM, July 7 at Bolles.
  6. Track and field meet 7:30 AM, July 14 at Bolles.

Click HERE for complete details and pre-registration. One registration is good for all 2018 meets.

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19 thoughts on “Track Meet April 14 Results, Next Meet June 2

  1. Does anyone have the link to the Team registration for the meet on the 10th? It’s sending me to a place for individuals and there isn’t a portion to select events.

    • On the list of events page go to the Track Series event, scroll down and click on Show Details. About two thirds the way down see:
      “Coaches can enter their team members as Guest Registrations or by emailing a spreadsheet of team data. For the spreadsheet click HERE.”
      Click on HERE to go to the spreadsheet for team entries. Fill it out for your team and email back before noon on Friday. Note that we do not require that specific events be chosen ahead of time for each entrant. At the meet each participant can enter the events of their choice. The timers enter the bib numbers as each event is run.
      Does that answer your question?
      Larry Roberts

    • The different ages may run together if we don’t have enough of one age group to fill a heat. Each runner is scored in her/his age group, 0-5,6-9, 10-12.

      • Hey Larry what im saying is shouldn’t age groups be scored by 0-6,7-8,9-10,11-12,etc I think smaller kids will get discouraged and not want to run because bigger kids will get all the medals good 7&8 years old get over shadow by average 9 year olds thanks Just curious thks

  2. Can a Middle School athlete (13 year old) run the High School 1600 meter race if their PR is under 5 minutes? Or, do they have to run later in the day with the 13 and over group?

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