More Than Just a Race

To some of us it was a race. For the Catalanos, it was so much more.

Being the grandmother of one of the Wolfson 55 children brought several different emotions on my heart Saturday. First off, we were thrilled when asked to run the five mile relay.

While running, I cried for what my granddaughter, Caitlyn, endured….42 weeks of chemo and 6 weeks of proton radiation, but always had a smile on her beautiful face.

I not only cried for her, but all the children who have gone through health issues.

I cried for the children who were not as lucky as Caitlyn and didn’t make it.

I smiled when I thought of the strength and courage that little five year old had going through her treatment and the joy she brings to us.

I smiled when I thought of the lessons she has taught us, that the little things don’t count.

I was thankful for Wolfson Children’s Hospital, all the doctors, all the nurses for the wonderful care they gave my granddaughter!

I was thankful for God for giving us all the strength as we traveled on this journey and bring us closer to Him.

I was elated…..Caitlyn is now 17 months cancer free!! She kicked cancers butt!!!

-Sherry Catalano




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