2009 August Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Location: Mediterrania Restaurant
3877 Baymeadows Road

Vice President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. President David Hall was absent, as were Directors Sean McCormack, Larry Sassa, and Jo Shott.

Approval of 6/2/09 minutes: The minutes were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bonnie Brooks passed out balance sheets and P & L Details for 2 months (as there was no meeting in July) then fielded questions from the board. Bonnie thanked Doug Alred and David Hall for their help, as our taxes for the year were complete and ready to be submitted to the IRS after President Hall signs for form.


Companion Statue for The River Runner – Lamar Strother made a motion, seconded by Doug Alred, that JTCRunning donate a female runner statue to the city as public art, and that it be set in the Northbank Riverwalk in the vicinity of The River Runner. Lamar had contacted Alison Graff, who is in charge of the cultural council for the city, and determined that the way was clear for us to do this. We learned that the city will charge us a fee of 5% of the value of the statue to pay for its upkeep. Lamar also told us that our artist, Derby Ulloa, has raised his price from the $45,000 he originally quoted to $50,000 currently, meaning the statue project will cost $52,500, including the city fee. Derby believes the project will be complete by June, 2010.
Discussion was long, intense, emotional, and divided. Doug Tillett made a motion, seconded by Bobby Green, that we table Lamar’s motion until a future meeting. The motion to table failed by a vote of 5 to 8. Discussion recommenced until Larry Roberts called the question on Lamar’s motion, which passed by a vote of 11 to 4.
Bolles Track – Doug Alred made a motion, seconded by David Frank, that we make an annual contribution of $2,500 to The Bolles School in recognition of our partnership in running over the years. The motion passed.
JTCR Night at Sulzbacher – Margaret Barton said we have plenty of help signed up for the August 14 event.
Summer Camp Scholarships – Doug Alred said we sent twelve students to running camp this summer on grants. Margaret Barton reported that she has received testimonials from several of them for publication in our newsletter or on the website.


First Coast Kids Triathlon – Bobby Green said that the event organizers would like to make a presentation to us and ask us to support them again next year. We referred this to the Finance Committee. Bonnie scheduled a meeting for Tuesday, Sept. 8, but that has been changed to Tuesday, Sept. 15, as a post-meeting decision.
Storage Units – The air conditioned unit where our merchandise is stored is a 5 x 5 unit, and the rent was due in mid-June. Carol Fitzsimmons reports we can get an additional 10 x 10 unit at no charge when we pay the rent.
Unofficial baseball social – being organized by Gary Ledman, will be held at the Baseball Grounds on Wed., Aug. 19.
JTCR Cross-Country Team – Owen Shott made a motion, seconded by Bobby Green, that we allocate $5,000 to send two teams (one for men and one for women) to the USATF Club Team Championship in Kentucky in December. Work has already been proceeding with establishing standards and the final standards will have to be approved by the race committee. The motion passed unanimously.
Guana Trail Run donation – Doug Alred made a motion, seconded by Bobby Green, that we donate $1,000 of the profits from this year’s Ultra, plus another $1,000 from our club “in general” to the Friends of the GTM Reserve. The motion passed unanimously.
Renaming the Winter Beach Run – Doug Alred made a motion, seconded by Mike Fitzsimmons, that we rename the race as the John TenBroeck Winter Beach Run. We will retain a $3,000 management fee, and then donate the balance to a charity that John would have liked. The motion passed unanimously.


RACE COMMITTEE and Gate River Run – Doug Alred distributed copies of Gate River Run Profit and Loss Standard to the board and fielded questions on the report.

Track Series – Summer Track Classic on July 25 – Lamar Strother distributed copies of the accounting for this final meet of the year.

RITA CASH – was held on May 16 and was successful for RITA.

Carrabba’s Summer Beach Run – is on schedule for August 22. Director Doug Alred called for help and support to stuff the race packets on the Tuesday prior (8/18/09) starting at 6.

CLASSES & CLINICS – Jane Alred said events would start being scheduled in September.

COMMUNITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS – other than the upcoming Sulzbacher event, no further report was given.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – other than the upcoming meeting in September and the completion of the taxes, no further report was given.

MERCHANDISE – No report.

NEWSLETTER – Print Express will begin addressing and mailing the newsletters for us.

WEBSITE – Trib La Prade updates the website and has been concentrating on keeping the calendar updated.

SOCIAL & BANQUET – The Awards Banquet, which was held on Sunday, June 28, at Mediterrania Restaurant, turned out very well.

VISION & PLANNING – The committee will be working on the statue project.

POLO SHIRTS FOR THE BOARD – were made available by Jane Alred, so that board members can be easily identified at our events.

NEXT MEETING – the next meeting will be Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009 at 7 p.m. at Mediterrania Restaurant.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Douglas Tillett, JTCRunning Secretary, has respectfully written and submitted these minutes.

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