2008 December Board of Director Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

President Larry Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:14 p.m. (4th meeting at this new time.) Directors Brenda Drake, Michael Fitzsimmons, and Sean McCormack were absent. Rex Reed (our Membership Coordinator), as well as Richard Fannin and Mark Ryan (both of whom will be on the 2009 Board of Directors) attended the meeting.

Approval of 11/3/08 minutes: Owen Shott made a motion, seconded by David Hall, that the November minutes be approved as submitted by the Acting Secretary. The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Owen Shott supplied copies of our P & L Detail, our Balance Sheet, and our Budget vs. Actual page for review by the Board. There were no questions from the board regarding the report.


Newsletter printing – our new editor & layout artist for The Starting Line asked for it to be printed in color. While our normal black & white newsletter cost around $600 to print, full color would cost $2800. The Nov/Dec issue had a color top sheet, which cost around $200 more than usual. David Frank made a motion, seconded by John Winkler, that we print upcoming issues with the front and back – inside and outside, in color and the interior sheets in black & white. The motion passed.
We had received a request from Robert Tindall for sponsorship of certain runners he is coaching. The request was for $2000 for entry fees, equipment, and travel expenses. Owen Shott made a motion that we donate the entry fees and equipment, which would be arranged through Jane Alred of 1st Place Sports, but not donate the travel expenses. The motion passed.
Elections – Douglas Tillett reported that 15 of our 17 board members from 2008 will be returning in 2009. Brenda Drake will take a year off but will remain involved on a committee level. Likewise, John Winkler stepped down from the board, but wants to be considered if a position on the board opens up. Five new board members will join us in 2009. They are Jo Shott, Richard Fannin, Mark Ryan, Bonnie Brooks, and Margaret Barton.


Medals4Mettle – Trib La Prade got an email via our website from this group that collects medals from winners of past races and redistributes them to children who run in events. Jane Alred pointed out that 1st Place Sports has collection boxes in their stores for this purpose. We will publicize the collection boxes and Medals4Mettle’s request in our newsletter and on our website.
Douglas Tillett made a motion, seconded by Bobby Green, that we “renew” JTCRunning membership for Rex Reed for 2009 on a “comp” basis, in recognition and appreciation of his hard work for our club as Membership Coordinator. The motion passed.
Richard Fannin, who will be a board member in 2009, outlined an upgrade to the Gate River Run that he will head up. Titled the John TenBroeck Cup, it will be an elite team event with prize money and a cup that will reside in the Hall of Fame. David Hall made a motion, seconded by Bobby Green, that we establish The TenBroeck Cup and provide $20,000 in prize money for the 2009 race. The motion passed.
Constant Contact – Carol Fitzsimmons made a motion, seconded by David Frank, that we open an account with Constant Contact for the sending of email blasts to our members and friends. The monthly cost is $30, but if we pay annually at $232, we realize a 30% savings. The motion passed.
David Frank moved that we create the JTCRunning High School Grand Prix Track Series. The motion was seconded by Bobby Green. David Frank will contact coaches and do the timing at a cost of $3500. The motion passed.


RACE COMMITTEE – The Race Committee met on Nov. 18 with Herb Taskett, Race Director of The Last Gasp, to cover the upcoming race.

Carrabba’s Summer Beach Run – Treasurer Owen Shott gave the final accounting for the race to Lamar Strother.

Winter Beach Run – Race Director Doug Alred said the race is on track on Feb. 8, 2009.

Last Gasp – The Last Gasp will be on Sunday, Dec. 28, 2008, at 2 pm.

Gate River Run – Race Director Doug Alred said December will be a big month for the GRR, with the website up and running, entries coming in, and plans being finalized.

CLASSES & CLINICS – Our 5K Training Class, directed by Coach John Metzgar, will be capped off at the Festival of Lights 5K, which is the “graduation run.” Our 15K training class will start later in the month of December.

COMMUNITY & PUBLIC RELATIONS – Larry Sassa said the committee is working on figuring out how to handle our tent at the Gate River Run and how to cover our booth at the 26.2 With Donna (Nat’l Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer) expo.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – Owen Shott reviewed the Finance Committee meeting that was held in November. Earlier in the meeting we addressed the request from Robert Tindall for coached runner donations. The committee also met with the Gottlieb School, which wants to install a track at their school. We offered our expertise and any other assistance we might provide. The committee considered a proposal from the American Heart Association that we co-brand with them for $75,000 per year – a proposal that the committee decided not to embrace at this time.

MERCHANDISE – No report.

NEWSLETTER – Committee chairman David Frank said that our new editor would like to receive “copy” from JTCRunning members for consideration of publication. The email address is jtcrunningeditor@yahoo.com.

WEBSITE – Trib La Prade met with valued past board member Terry Algire, who suggested we consider constructing an annual report that includes the good things we’ve done over the past year. Trib suggests we spread the word to send him news of our accomplishments.

SOCIAL & BANQUET – Our next event is the Christmas Social, to be held at the San Marco location of 1st Place Sports on Friday, December 5, which is also the evening of Holiday Magic in the Square. We discussed the committee’s plan to host a family social event at Dave & Busters on Saturday, Feb. 21. We also tried to nail down the best race at which to hold a JTCRunning post-race food-feed social. Possibilities include the Winter Beach Run or the St. Patty’s Day Run for a pancake breakfast.

VISION & PLANNING – Doug Alred, Committee Chair, said he believed our proposed bridge in Baker Skinner Park, to connect two portions of the running trail, would be discussed during the City Council meeting this very evening.

NEXT MEETING – will be Tuesday, January 6, 2009 at the Pizza Palace on Baymeadows Road, directly across the street from 1st Place Sports.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 p.m.

Douglas Tillett, acting JTCRunning Secretary, has respectfully written and submitted these minutes.

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